Leave A Trace

by Cody Wynne Cox

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released March 26, 2015

engineered by denny burkes @ jive samba
mixed and mastered by steve deaton @ plowhandle

all songs written and performed by cody wynne cox



all rights reserved


Cody Wynne Cox Jackson, Mississippi

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Track Name: My Pals
Took a shot of whiskey at 16 years of age
put my fist through a window twenty minutes later
i got no regrets about the scars
its just as dumb as it seems

had my first smoke the first time my heart was broke
her name was jolene
i made that up just now to try and sell a record or three

it aint as easy as it seems
see the world collect some green
and forgotten parties every single night
it was more like calloused hands, raw throats, hunger pains, and wet dreams

my my hey joe
we chased that rope as far as it would go
and it hung us out to dry
no real reason why
lost pals seemed like every single day
and thats why i hold on to
every single simple truth
and every poster from a show no one paid to see
Track Name: Nico
you bat our eyes and shake your mane
cause you think every word is your name
and you are so afraid of the rain

you lie on floors and count too fast
til those hands come down to touch your dress
draped over the jealous heart lying in your chest

so many homes you stood so fast
your knowing eyes stare through me best
and i wish you could talk to me before you go to rest

every time it rains i grow so old
these thoughts of you run down my cheeks into your bowl
Track Name: Boxes
those tassels swung down
as you swam around your room
making up excuses to wear your perfume
and we all we answer for the letters we don't send
and that's why you keep a box under your bed

you often feel like you've failed the dead
that's why you lie restless inside your bed
and that's why these rockets keep firing around your head
and that's why you keep a box under your bed

everything is sleeping in its place
everyone is blowing kisses right into outer space
everyone knows you leave a trace
everything is sleeping in its place

you can't seem to get rid of the thought
or the tinny taste like blood inside your mouth
if you really see the future just like you once said
then why is there a box under your bed?

as the hissing fades and the passing waves take you instead
I hope you keep the box under your bed
Track Name: Blessings
I don’t care if you try and kill me in my sleep
While i was saying blessings
you were making messes
of most everything

i want to see you whisper hallelujah like you mean something else
And bury your treasure in linens
While displaying fossils on your shelf

Everybody’s Lonesome
so who wants some
Everybody’s lonesome
So who wants some
of me
Im afraid thats there not much left
to take away

so let us be lovers in this loveless place
pitch hatchets like horseshoes down abandoned fire escapes

well, I’ve never been more afraid of where is stand
than when i squint my eyes to realize that maybe an anchor is who i am

well i hear its warm in the room where you sleep
and i hear that it gets easier day by day
words will always be words until the time they aren’t
and pages burn in rages when it gets cold and dark
Track Name: Some Kind of Bastards
I try and I try to understand why
progress always hurts someone

There's a kid next door who is screaming "what for”.
I got no answer just worthless empathy.

If the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind,
then someone should tie his kite string into a noose
the powers that be will always haunt me
with armor and abuse
Don't fret. Don't sweat
We're guaranteed to lose

My oh me do the people not see its got nothing to do with us
Its all money and greed and stupid wants and not needs so please show us someone we can trust

One day, one day. we will all have to pay of the incisions and decisions we've made
Take me down, oh please, I've got nothing left to say
Even if i did, it wouldn't matter anyways.
Track Name: Cool Grass
hey, where do you sleep
between the beats of every heart you walk beside
oh, the pages are the last to fold
tossed against the wall is how we all let go

please tell me you're lying
please tell me you're lying

We we were once a knot
untied now, we all are at a loss
Sutures cover your floor
there is a cost to feel what living is for

oh please tell me your lying
oh please tell me your lying
oh please tell me your lying
in a time machine

Oh please remember me when you look between your toes
We're all still here trying to make sense of what we think we know
with hearts too big and pages left
it is more to know that it was with a laugh
with hearts too big and pages left
it is more to know that it was with a laugh
so we fell asleep in the cool grass
fell asleep in the cool grass
fell asleep in the cool grass
Track Name: Plastic
i haven’t dreamed in years
so i don’t waste too much time
on the yard work or my fears
i do crosswords to hold on to
what wit i have left
oh the soft lead smudges they make so much sense

i have a pin from when i retired
i traded a job that i loved
for tumor-filled guts
i can taste them when i eat
magic waves ready for the tv
though it could be the plastic in the microwave

years running
years running
wasted years of cunning
to just come right back here

i keep have a carton of lucky strikes
on the table by my bedside
i have never smoked a single one
cassette tapes of the gospel sayings
so familiar like old feelings
i water plants to the story of the son

did i tell you that i started painting
but the colors can be so misleading
when you hold them too far away

oh the colors can be so misleading
and sometimes life can be so defeating
when you hold it at arm’s length
Track Name: Basket of Bees
your dad's sordid history
played risk with your ovaries
then the swing set community waged war
with grass stains and cardboard swords
calling to you with biting words
the plan was to run you through and through

and when you sat softly there
across from me in a broken chair
you knew you had to get free
no weeping from the eyes
no painstaking sighs
you had broken three fingers against a tree

I really wish you had seen
Where the voices hang
When you learn you can't be
Responsible for strange things

i followed you to the basement crease
just to hear a few sad song things
maybe run my fingers against your teeth
the blood was hot as the liquor we shot
and it hung round like a basket of bees

you were shy about how my
calvacade of wander's pride
and minor adjustments lay near
my creaking joints sang in rhyme
while the bed springs and roofing pine
all joined in sweet harmony

after searching all your angles
and feasting on your anger
i let the radio call for relief
just know that the young can't seem to wager
or say no to strangers
when the were born on an listless sea
just know that the young can't seem to wager
or say no to strangers
when they were born on a listless sea